Live at Frankie's Empire - FREE DOWNLOAD


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Track 1: Velvet Eyes (Download)

Track 2: The Next Day (Download)

Track 3: Beautiful Reprieve / Lament (Download)

Track 4: Ten To One / In My Life (Download)

Track 5: Heart Attack (Download)

Track 6: I Want To Love You / Running Up That Hill (Download)

Track 7: Nothing So Far Beyond The Light You Shine (Download)

Track 8: It's Because I Love You / Solid Rock (Download)

Album Art (Download)


Recorded live at Frankie's Empire on the 17th of May, 2014.


Special Thanks to:

Ivan Johnston (Live Sound & Venue), Michael Shelly (Live Recording), McCann's Music Centre,

My beautiful wife Angela and most of all to the 50 people who took a chance and bought a

ticket. This is for you. xoxo


Mixed and Mastered by Tim Davies at Cromwell Studios, Hobart.


All songs written by Tim Davies except:

Track 3 - Lament written by Jeff Martin, Track 4 - In My Life written by Lennon/McCartney

Track 6 - Running Up That Hill written by Kate Bush, Track 8 - It's Because I Love You written by

Jim Keays and Doug Ford, Track 8 - Solid Rock written by Shane Howard.